How to translate


We are sorry to inform our international visitors that we can only provide German content.

You can try to translate the pages in your browser with the following EASY STEPS.

Please be advised that this machine based translation can not provide a native writers quality, but we are sure that you will understand.

Please be informed that in some parts of the world some translation services can not be accessed via Google.

There are alternative services from (Microsoft) with the same functionality.


Graphical Elements or text within pictures can not be translated!

Full site translation with Microsoft Edge Browser

Just click on the icon in the upper right end of the URL address line and choose your desired language.



Another way is to make a right click somewhere on the website and select “translate”


If you can not find any translate icon, please check the following and try again.


Full site translation with Apple Safari Browser 

Full site translation with Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox offers no translation in standard configuration. The translation function must be installed as an extension.


Close all open tabs and perform a right mouseclick somewhere on a text area.

This brings up a menu showing the translate option depending on the languages you installed in the steps above.



Depending on the Firefox Version you have installed (Windows, Linux or Mac OS) you will find different buttons, but it will be like this in general:

Finally: ... you might find this functions useful during your assignment